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Certified original nordmann is a marketing initiative implemented by Original Nordmann ApS - a company owned by 9 individual wholesalers of Nordmann Christmas trees.

Our aim is to market top-quality Nordmann Christmas trees to the entire European market. We are committed to delivering Christmas trees that have remained an integral part of Christmas decorations and hanging a wide range of Christmas presents.

Over the years, Denmark has been the leading producer of the best Nordmann Christmas trees in Europe.  The term "juletræ" is Danish for Christmas tree and can be noticed on sale in many small and medium stores across Denmark as Christmas approaches. Christmas tree decorations is a lifelong  tradition which represents a  bonding time for families and friends where Christmas gifts shared.

It is our wish and vision for Original Nordmann ApS that Nordmann Christmas trees retain this position in Europe no matter what happens to the market.

About Us

Certified Original Nordmann Christmas Trees - The Story so far

Original Nordmann ApS focuses on creating a business model giving anyone involved the best possibilities of creating a solid and sustainable business to ensure that consumers get the best possible experience for Christmas. We recognize the importance of Christmas, Xmas trees, Christmas presents and decorations of Christmas trees among families and friends. Our brand boast an uncompromising quality of Christmas tree, all the way from the Christmas tree seed – the quality of the trees and the processing of the tree.

We are also engaged in making sure that the logistics and handling of the Nordmann trademark trees to our European consumers is handled efficiently. We want your Christmas celebrations to be a unique experience in every European city.

Original Nordmann- Certified brand for the Special Christmas Tree

Since 2010, we have been focusing on standardizing the entire process until the tree stands in the consumer’s living room. We are doing this to give not just consumers but everyone associated with the concept the best possible opportunities of creating a profitable business for our wholesalers, and the consumer the best Christmas tree money can buy.

We are convinced that common, targeted marketing creates the best security for the sale of CERTIFIED ORIGINAL NORDMANN Christmas trees – right into the future.


The power of the ‘Certified Original Nordmann Brand’

When we choose to buy something, the power of the brand is decisive. the same is true for shopping for the best Christmas tree. The difference between the actual cost value of a product and the price we are prepared to pay for it is entirely dependent on brand. That is the definition of the value function of ‘brand’.

We All Want To Belong

Think of a product you like. Maybe you have a favourite brand? What are you willing to do, to possess one of your favourite brand’s products? What are you ready to do in order to belong?
At the moment of purchase you, as a consumer, desire to belong to the brand’s universe. And for that, you are willing to do things you wouldn’t do for any other, less favourable, product.

Certified Original Nordmann Christmas Trees

What we are presenting in these pages is the concept of creating a Certified Original Nordmann universe that consumers will want to be part of. A universe that they will want to belong to, and to which they will stay loyal – because we are offering them something that they feel is more desirable than the alternatives.
Using a wide range of marketing channels, we will introduce them to our unique universe and begin to establish a lasting relationship. Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn will definitely be playing a significant role in our marketing campaign.

Creating a powerful Certified Original Nordmann Brand

The heart of our brand-building project is the Certified Original Nordmann tree. Christmas trees carrying the Certified Original Nordmann brand will represent “the best” in the minds of consumers. At the moment of purchase, our customers will want to belong to the Certified Original Nordmann universe. Nothing less than the best.


The certification process - proof for the customer

In sales, there is nothing more convincing that proof. Real evidence. To create this proof, all trees will be backed by a certification process. The tag on the tree will carry a guarantee that this is a genuine Certified Original Nordmann product. The Certified Original Nordmann tag proves to customers:

- That this tree meets the highest international criteria regarding physical appearance and durability.

- That this tree has been measured, graded and distributed according to the special Certified Original Nordmann “Rules & Standards”. 

It takes 12 years for a Certified Original Nordmann tree to grow to a height of 175 cm and the producer will personally tend every single tree approx. 40 times during these years.

When a Certified Original Nordmann tree has reached the desired size, the certification process ensure that the tree still is in the best possible shape and condition when it arrives at the destination. The icons below shows all the stages covered by the certification process.

The three tag system

he Certified Original Nordmann tree tags

The Original Nordmann tag system has been designed to be easy to understand for sellers and customers alike. We use a simple colour-coding device to easily identify aspects like size and definition, so that there can be no doubt about the height or product line of each Certified Original Nordmann tree.

The tag system will at the same time support the distribution system: from the moment it is fixed to the tree, to the moment our customer carries it home from the market.

Original Nordmann Offer

Original Nordmann offer

We offer a guaranteed concept, developed and reassured for more than 15 years.

The consumers want assurance and reassurance. They need to know that what they buy is the best. Therefore we have developed Certified Original Nordmann. It’s the safe way to delivering better business results, and delivering guaranteed Christmas sentiments.

We are constantly looking for business partners ready to embrace the concept and develop the concept into a certain geography.

We know how to adapt the concept to the individual needs in the specific types of business’ we work with, and geographies we cover, and specifically therefore the concept has proven valuable.


Certified Original Nordmann

Created by Nature

Wholesalers of Original Nordmann Christmas Tree

Evergreen Farm Co.
Banggårdsvej 37
5474 Veflinge
+45 60 18 70 24

Geil & Berner A/S
Rugaardsvej 5
8680 Ry
+45 86 89 87 00
+45 40 11 47 04

HD Nordictrees
Klostermarken 12
8800 Viborg
+45 30 73 60 57
+45 40 28 78 60

Nordmann Trade A/S
Johannes Jensensvej 56
8641 Sorring
+45 86 95 72 85

Rolles Mølle
Rolles Møllevej 50
6640 Lunderskov

+45 40 18 62 80

Raahaven 5
5610 Assens
+45 64 79 10 13

Johannsen & Lei ApS
Thorsvej 8
6330 Padborg
+45 74 67 58 40

Lindbergs Juletræsservice ApS
Engholmvej10, Mausing
8620 Kjellerup
+45 20 41 22 41

Maglesø Plantage
Maglesøvej 7, Igelsø
4300 Holbæk

+45 20 95 74 14