The power of the ‘Certified Original Nordmann Brand’

When we choose to buy something, the power of the brand is decisive. the same is true for shopping for the best Christmas tree. The difference between the actual cost value of a product and the price we are prepared to pay for it is entirely dependent on brand. That is the definition of the value function of ‘brand’.

We All Want To Belong

Think of a product you like. Maybe you have a favourite brand? What are you willing to do, to possess one of your favourite brand’s products? What are you ready to do in order to belong?
At the moment of purchase you, as a consumer, desire to belong to the brand’s universe. And for that, you are willing to do things you wouldn’t do for any other, less favourable, product.

Certified Original Nordmann Christmas Trees

What we are presenting in these pages is the concept of creating a Certified Original Nordmann universe that consumers will want to be part of. A universe that they will want to belong to, and to which they will stay loyal – because we are offering them something that they feel is more desirable than the alternatives.
Using a wide range of marketing channels, we will introduce them to our unique universe and begin to establish a lasting relationship. Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn will definitely be playing a significant role in our marketing campaign.

Creating a powerful Certified Original Nordmann Brand

The heart of our brand-building project is the Certified Original Nordmann tree. Christmas trees carrying the Certified Original Nordmann brand will represent “the best” in the minds of consumers. At the moment of purchase, our customers will want to belong to the Certified Original Nordmann universe. Nothing less than the best.