The certification process – proof for the customer

In sales, there is nothing more convincing that proof. Real evidence. To create this proof, all Certified Original Nordmann trees will be backed by a certification process. The tag on the tree will carry a guarantee that this is a genuine Certified Original Nordmann product. The Certified Original Nordmann tag proves to customers:

  • That this tree meets the highest international criteria regarding physical appearance and durability.
  • That this tree has been measured, graded and distributed according to the special Certified Original Nordmann “Rules & Standards”.

It takes 12 years for a Certified Original Nordmann tree to grow to a height of 175 cm and the producer will personally tend every single tree approx. 40 times during these years.

When a Certified Original Nordmann tree has reached the desired size, the certification process ensure that the tree still is in the best possible shape and condition when it arrives at the destination. The icons below shows all the stages covered by the certification process.

1-Icon_Labelling_web   Labelling
5-Icon_Palleting_web   Palleting

3-Icon_wholesaler_web   Wholesaler
6-Icon_Transport_web   Transport

2-Icon_Felling_web   Felling
7-Icon_Retailers_web   Retailers

4-Icon_Netting_web   Netting
8-Icon_Enduser_web   End-user